Tax Plate (कर पाटी) under VAT Act, 2052

Rule 14A of Value Added Tax Regulation, 2053 stipulates that taxpayer is required to fix the tax plate that is visible to all at transaction place in the format as prescribed by the department.

  • What should be the dimension of the tax plate ?
    • Length: 30 cm
    • Height: 10 cm
  • What should be the format of the Tax Plate ?
  • What is the fine for the failure to keep Tax plate ?
    • Rs. 2,000 for each event [Section 29(1) (Kha)]

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  1. What are the dimensions and format requirements for the tax plate ?? can we prepare the paper plate or steel plate required??

    • Dimension is; Length: 30 cm and Height: 10cm , Material to be used is not specified in the Act/rule, but it is recommended to use metal/tin plate or PVC plate as convenient.

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