Budget 2080-81 & Finance act 2080-81(2023-24).

Today Finance minister Prakash Sharan Mahat unveiling the budget for the Financial year 2080-81 (2023-24)..

Copy of Budget Speech

Copy of Finance Bill 2080

  • Expected Budget Growth: 2.16
  • सरकारी सवारी साधनको सट्टा पदाधिकारीलाई एकमुष्ठ रकम प्रदान गरिने
  • Unused government materials will be auctioned within 6 months.
  • २० वटा संस्था खारेज
  • 58 billion 67 million will be transferred to the province level and 87 billion 35 million to local level.
  • No Fees required for company registration and capital increment.
  • Online system will be established for registration and cancellation of organization.
  • Minimum capital investment limit will be removed for Information Technology sector foreign investment.
  • Set limit on foreign investment in specific sectors.
  • Simplify and automate the process of foreign direct investment.
  • No approval required for re-investment of amount earned from foreign investment.
  • Subsidy of Rs. 30 Arab for chemical fertilizers.
  • The provision for Labor Audit will be implemented effectively.

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