Conversion of Proprietorship Firm into Private limited company in Nepal.

According to the Finance Act of 2080-81, any individual earning an income above 50 lakhs will be subject to a tax rate of 39%, while the corporate tax rate stands at 25%. Additionally, companies are required to pay an extra 5% dividend tax when declaring dividends. To circumvent the additional 9% tax liability on proprietorship businesses, many businessmen are contemplating converting their existing businesses into private limited companies in Nepal. Here are the key process for the conversion of a proprietorship firm into a private limited company in Nepal:

Process of Conversion of Proprietorship Firm into Private limited company in Nepal.

  • Ensure initial required capital in private limited is updated in Proprietorship Firm.
    (Update your Banijya certificate if required)
  • Finalize cut off date, ensure proper calculation of compliance liability.
  • We suggest you to withdraw profit till date or else have to transfer to pvt limited as director loan(considering tax paid profit).
  • Registration of private company using same name, same ownership and same capital.
  • Prepare minutes for transfers of all liabilities and assets to the company.
  • Inform to tax office in Form 4 format of vat, regarding stock and other within 7 days of conversion.
  • Transfer all the assets and liabilities to company.
  • As suggested in vat act vat will not be applicable in case of transfer of business.
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